Introducing Collaborative Practice

Divorce is essentially a restructuring of the relationship between husband and wife and their child(ren) and a restructuring of their assets, debts and finances.

Collaborative Divorce represents a revolutionary approach to family law. The Collaborative Divorce model represents a major departure from traditional methods of divorce by avoiding court and addressing the significant, but often overlooked, impact of divorce on personal health and financial matters.

The most important distinction with the Collaborative Divorce process is that the courts are never involved until the final decree.

A team of Collaborative professionals, made up of attorneys, mental health professionals and financial professionals, guide the parties to a mutually agreeable divorce settlement. This is the only method of divorce that formally incorporates the services and benefits of three professions to help you through what may be the most difficult time of your life.

The goal of Collaborative Divorce is to provide a method of dissolving a marriage that reduces the stress, time and expense normally associated with a traditionally litigated divorce.