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Our goal is simple: achieve a mutually agreeable solution that reflects the unique facts of your situation. You choose trained Nevada divorce mediation experts who communicate openly with each other and with you to reach terms on your divorce. Compared to fighting in court, which is an expensive and emotionally difficult process, you can choose a better divorce – one that can save money and time.

Why People Are Choosing Collaborative Divorce?

Guidance Through Divorce Decree In Nevada

Nevada Collaborative Divorce Professionals include divorce lawyers, mental health professionals and financial specialists based locally in Northern Nevada (Reno, Sparks and Carson City). Many additional professionals who specialize in the related issues of divorce like financial planning, real estate or mortgages, alimony in Nevada, etc. are also available to support and advise you about the divorce cost.

Our practice agreement acknowledges and maintains each individual’s dignity and supports both parties’ highest goals. With open communication and information sharing, all parties continue to focus on their commitment to mutual respect throughout the cooperative divorce process.
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Collaborative Divorce is a progressive model that allows the parties to craft customized, legally binding divorce disputes at their own pace with the help of local experts.

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Promoting Peace, Not War

While our adversarial court system has served society well for criminal trials and civil disputes, it has proven to be less than ideal for divorce and family matters. Too often our justice system results in divorces that are far too expensive and stressful while leaving both parties unsatisfied and with unmet needs.

Unlike traditional divorce which encourages parties to “fight” their way to a final settlement, the collaborative process empowers the parties to craft their own agreements, incorporating the highest priorities of all involved. The goal of Collaborative Divorce is to reduce conflict, focus on solutions and encourage healing throughout the divorce process.

Collaborative Divorce has been developed from an understanding of the stress, fears, and uncertainties associated with divorce. Our professionals call upon many years of practical, professional experience to promote peaceful divorce settlements.

Principles Of Collaborative Divorce Mediation

The heart of Collaborative Practice or Collaborative Divorce — also called “no-court divorce,” “divorce with dignity,” or “peaceful divorce“ — is to offer you and your spouse or partner the support, protection and guidance of your own lawyers without going to court. Additionally, Collaborative Divorce mediation allows you the benefit of child and financial specialists, divorce coaches and other professionals all working together on your team.

The principles of a collaborative reno divorce include:

The parties personally negotiate a mutually acceptable settlement, without using the court to decide issues for them.
The parties agree to open, honest communication and sharing of all relevant information.
The collaborative process mandates that all professionals must withdraw from representing or assisting either client if either client engages in any form of litigation about the dispute. This principle ensures the confidentiality and integrity of the process.

How To File For Divorce In Nevada

Filing for divorce in Nevada using the Collaborative/Cooperative Divorce method gets to a resolution efficiently and respectfully outside of the court system. Divorce disputes are crafted and customized by you and your spouse and become legally binding without going to family court. You are guided by Reno divorce mediation experts, who in addition to their legal, mental health, and CPA expertise, have additional collaborative certification to efficiently get you through a divorce.
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Nevada Collaborative Divorce Professionals work together to help contesting parties resolve their disagreements efficiently and respectfully outside of court.

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Can Conflict be Resolved Without Going to Court?

Yes, a divorce in Nevada can be solved with alternative divorce options such as divorce mediation or Collaborative Divorce. Nevada Collaborative Divorce Professionals are dedicated to negotiating mutually acceptable settlements outside the court system. The help of additional professionals in areas of finance, personal matters and child custody further strengthens the goal of resolution. When mutual respect and resolutions to manage differences are maintained through a cooperative divorce, moving forward has a realistic basis for success. With a more positive process, new beginnings and opportunities take root more quickly.
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