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Introducing Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Practice is a tried and true dispute resolution model in which a divorcing couple works with a team of trained professionals to resolve disputes respectfully, without going to court. This team includes attorneys, mental health professionals and financial experts who guide and assist the parties in resolving their conflict through cooperative strategies rather than adversarial techniques or litigation.

The goal of Cooperative Divorce in Nevada is to provide a method of dissolving a marriage that reduces the stress, time and expense normally associated with a traditionally litigated divorce through one of our Reno divorce attorneys. Unlike traditional methods of divorce, the Collaborative Divorce model addresses the significant but often overlooked impact of divorce on personal health and financial matters. With the help of a Collaborative Team, divorce mediation is much more successful for you and your partner.

How The Process Works

The Collaborative Divorce process begins with a signed participation agreement. Both parties agree that they will not go to court, nor threaten the other party with going to court. They also agree to work hard and in good faith, using common sense reasoning and creative negotiations to reach a mutually acceptable divorce settlement.

The unique aspect of this type of divorce mediation is that the Collaborative Team works entirely outside of the court system. Everything is conducted in private meetings and through private communications in an open, non-confrontational setting.
The key benefit of Collaborative Divorce is that the parties are always in charge of their own resolution.
The Collaborative Team only suggests and provides appropriate options, solutions and compromises. The parties decide the terms of their divorce, not the lawyers or a judge. When the terms of an agreement are reached, the Collaborative Team’s purpose is to facilitate the parties’ decisions into legally binding arrangements through our Reno divorce lawyers.

If the Collaborative Divorce process fails for any reason, none of the associated professionals can represent either party or serve as witnesses in court. The only interest of the collaborative professionals is to assist both parties in reaching a mutually agreeable settlement outside of court.

The result is that both parties must work very hard to settle their case and reach an agreeable resolution. If a full agreement cannot be reached, both parties must begin the divorce process again with new attorneys and other professionals.
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The Collaborative Team

A Collaborative Team is the combination of legal, mental health and financial professionals that you choose to work with to resolve your dispute. Your “collaborative team” of Reno divorce lawyers will guide and support you as problem-solvers, not as adversaries. Collaborative Professionals offer very specialized services, having undergone extensive training in their respective areas, as well as in collaborative divorce mediation methods and procedures.

The Legal Aspect:

Divorce in Nevada will require the help of a Reno divorce attorney or Reno family law attorney. Reno divorce attorneys handle the legal aspects of the divorce to ensure that all arrangements are proper, legal and binding.

The Emotional Aspect:

Mental Health Professionals may include a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Psychologist, or Licensed Clinical Social Worker who functions as a Divorce Coach. In this capacity, the Coach helps teach problem–solving and communication skills to facilitate productive dialog and moving through impasses. The Coach may also address ways to deal with stress or emotional issues that can arise during divorce mediation.
Cases with children may also employ a mental health professional in the role of a Child Specialist to assess and communicate the unique needs of each child.

The Financial Aspect:

Financial Specialists including CPAs, Certified Financial Planners™, or Certified Divorce Financial Analysts specialize in the financial and tax aspects of divorce. Their purpose is to help both parties reach a mutually acceptable financial agreement while assisting in making manageable, long-term decisions.
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With Nevada Collaborative Divorce Professionals, you and your partner will be able to reach an amicable agreement outside of court that benefits all parties, including any children that may be involved. Divorce mediation is best done with a team of Collaborative professionals ranging from divorce lawyers to mental health experts and financial consultants. Connect with our team today to learn more about the Collaborative Divorce process in Nevada.
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