Nevada Collaborative Divorce (NCD) professionals are dedicated to informing people about the process of collaborative law services, a no-court Alternative Dispute Resolution method practiced worldwide. NCD is comprised of trained attorneys, mental health professionals, and financial professionals who work together to assist contesting parties to respectfully and efficiently resolve their disagreements. This team–based model can be applied to various types of legal issues, most frequently in divorce and child–custody related matters. This progressive model allows the parties to craft customized, legally binding agreements at their own pace.


The Collaborative Practice agreement to acknowledge and maintain each individual’s dignity and respect supports both parties’ highest goals. With open communication and information sharing, all parties continue to focus on their commitment to mutual respect throughout the Collaborative process.


Can serious conflict be resolved without going to court? Yes it can, and the Nevada Collaborative Divorce professionals are dedicated to negotiating mutually acceptable settlements outside the court system. The help of additional professionals in areas of finance, personal matters, and child custody further strengthens the goal of resolution.


When mutual respect and a resolve to manage differences are maintained through Collaborative Practice, moving forward has a realistic basis for success. With a more positive process, new beginnings and opportunities take root more quickly.